jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

La oligarquía y la crisis financiera

Citibank Building, Ginebra, Suiza

"The (oligarchic) Rulers, who are in power because they have amassed so much wealth, do not want to prohibit by law the extravagance of the young, and stop them from wasting their money and ruining themselves. Their intention is to make loans to such imprudent people or by buying up their property to hope to increase their own wealth and influence...The moneymakers continue to inject the toxic sting of their loans wherever they can, and to ask for high rate of interest, with the result that the city becomes full of lazy drones and paupers." Sócrates (470 a.C. - 399 a.C.)



Blogger mm said...


11/4/09 16:52  
Blogger Alejandro López de Haro said...

Thanks MM. And the worst part is that bankers (Wall Street) seems to continue to have undue influence in Obama's government.

6/5/09 16:54  
Blogger Markus Spring said...

Ah - good to get remembered that this is nothing new. The sad side of the story is that nobody wants to learn from the past but prefers to make already known mistakes him/herself.

14/6/09 22:12  

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